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17 Fatal Mistakes The Uninformed Make

17 Fatal Mistakes The Uninformed Make

  1. They settle without knowing or understanding their rights.

  2. They go into court without an attorney and without knowing the rules of court.

  3. They leave joint assets or credit lines exposed thinking their spouse won’t make any changes.

  4. They act on the advice of well-intended friends and relatives instead of listening to their attorneys.

  5. They won’t consider mediation or Zsmart Divorcesm because they think it can’t work.

  6. They let their attorneys lead them into fights they don’t want to be in, instead of insisting that their attorneys to focus on out of court resolution opportunities.

  7. They fail to get a second opinion if they have doubts about what their attorney is telling them or the direction their case is taking.

  8. They write up their own agreement in words that do not protect them instead of having a lawyer draft it legally.

  9. They base their decisions on what they need or want instead of basing them on what is realistic.

  10. They give up rights based on guilt, only to be sorry later when the guilt subsides.

  11. They let their spouses pressure them into things they don’t agree with and later regret.

  12. They base their agreement on immediate needs instead of their long term needs.

  13. They make decisions without having enough facts about the other person’s finances.

  14. They don’t realize or understand the what they say or do can be used against them in court.

  15. They think that they have privacy in what they tell their therapists or what is in their business or personal records, their checks, deposit slips, credit cards, cell phone bills, computer and don’t realize that the information can be subpoenaed.

  16. They don’t realize the other person may go through their wallets, brief cases, cars, drawers, file cabinets, computer, e-mails, etc.

  17. They resort to threats or acts of violence that can result in domestic abuse charges.


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