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4 Common Mistakes In Separation or Divorce

4 Common Mistakes In Separation or Divorce

  1. Leaving home before a settlement is reached
    Usually it is better to enter into a written agreement settling everything before you leave home. Once you leave, the other person has little incentive to settle and it can take a long time to get matters resolved. See an attorney before leaving.

  2. Signing an agreement; thinking it can be changed later
    Never sign an agreement thinking it can be changed later. Once you sign an agreement, you are legally bound by it. If it doesn’t turn out to be fair later, or it your circumstances change, that doesn’t mean the agreement can be set aside. A legal agreement is a legally-binding document.

  3. Putting the children in the middle
    Hearing their parents fight hurts children. Hearing their parents fight over them hurts them even more. Put you children’s interest first. Keep them out of the fight. Don’t use them as messengers. Don’t send the support check through them. Don’t ask them to spy for you. Don’t criticize their other parent or argue with the other parent in front of them. This is not their divorce.

  4. Tape recording the other person’s conversations or intercepting their e-mails; cursing or threatening the other person on the phone; hitting or shoving the other person
    Be careful that you do not engage in illegal behavior. Some parties to a divorce will eagerly bring criminal charges against their spouses over matters such as these.


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