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5 Ways to Avoid Litigation

5 Ways to Avoid Litigation

  1. Communicate with your spouse
    Even if you are angry or upset with each other, keep the lines of communication open. Couples who can talk to each other have a better chance of settling.

  2. Be fair
    If you are driven by greed or a desire to punish the other person, it will be hard to reach a settlement. People who want to reach a fair settlement, even if they don’t have the same idea of what is fair, have a better chance of settling.

  3. Be informed
    Learn about the law and the rules that apply. Find out about your rights and responsibilities from a family law attorney, and about the options for getting to resolution. Don’t just listen to well-intended friends and family members. Talk to an attorney who can give you legal advice based on professional training and experience.

  4. Be realistic
    Find out what your chances are of getting what you want. Learn what is possible and what is probable based on the law and your facts. Don’t just focus on what you need or want. Listen to your attorney and find out what you can realistically expect.

  5. Focus on resolution
    From the very beginning keep your focus on how to resolve the situation fairly and reasonably. Even when people are hurt or angry, they can avoid litigation if they will focus on resolving their differences in a way that can work for both of them. Try to settle within the boundaries of what is reasonable and be creative about finding the best solutions.


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