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Uncontested Divorces & Agreements

We help clients who are able to cooperate with their spouses to make an agreement settling matters or to file for an uncontested divorce with an agreement. We can advise clients about their rights and about the process and the best way to go about it. We can help them understand the decisions that have to be made. We refer clients with contested matters to experienced divorce litigators.

To this end, we offer initial consultations to people who want to understand their basic rights, the decisions that have to be made, and the basics of the legal process. We can explain the basic ways available to them to reach an agreement with their spouses in a cooperative process while protecting themselves and their loved ones appropriately.

We have created a streamlined process to help a client understand his or her rights if information is needed, have a proposed settlement agreement drafted from answers to a rather comprehensive questionnaire to settle all matters where the client and the client's spouse are in agreement on with regard to matters affecting their finances and any children they may have together. We provide the drafted agreement to our client who provides it to the spouse. When an agreement has been reached and the client is ready we can file for an uncontested divorce with an agreement. This process requires that the client's spouse cooperates with the process and that the parties are able to communicate with each other about these matters. It is a way to save significantly on costs and stress when parties are in basic agreement.

For more information about our uncontested divorce process or our process for a cooperative agreement, call our friendly staff at (804)897-1515. Or, if you know what you want in an agreement and wish to use our services to have an agreement prepared from answers to our questionnaire, see the questionnaire(s) on this website and choose the appropriate one for your situation.


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