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Virginia Alimony Laws

In the state of Virginia, alimony, now known as "spousal support", is granted to either the husband or wife, depending on several factors, including length of the marriage, age, health, earning capacity, and education.

At Hall & Hall, we will help you evaluate all relevant factors. Homemaker responsibilities during and after the marriage, insurance policies, hidden debt or assets, and your lifestyle during your marriage all should be considered in your final settlement. If you would like to meet with our attorney to discuss alimony, contact our Richmond family law firm and arrange a consultation.

Alimony may be changed at a later date in some situations, if circumstances change, but the terms of the initial divorce agreement will control whether or not a change can be ordered and any initial order will have a major effect on the court’s decision in any modification request. It is important that from the time of your initial separation you have the advice of a lawyer on Virginia alimony law.

If you and your spouse or ex-spouse are able to work cooperatively on an agreement, our services, including simple drafting of an agreement you have worked out, can help you find a reasonable solution to your family law issues. It is critical that you choose a family lawyer with the skill and flexibility needed to effectively represent you..

If you are concerned about your rights regarding alimony, contact our Virginia lawyer today.


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