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Divorce & Separation

Hall & Hall, PLC helps guide clients who are able to make agreement with their spouses through the difficult phases of divorce, always working hard to protect their interests and to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. If you are considering divorce or your spouse has made it clear that he or she is planning on a divorce, you should take early action to protect your rights and learn about options available to you.

If you would like to speak with a divorce lawyer from our Richmond area firm, contact our family law office and arrange a consultation.

Divorce Topics

Separation : Although Virginia does not recognize "legal separation," you should take certain steps when it becomes clear you will be separating. It is a serious mistake to move out of the home without a temporary written agreement in place. In some cases, couples find that a separation can be a time to work on rebuilding the marriage, rather than continuing with a divorce. The date of separation may affect the date of your final divorce decree.

Child custody and visitation certainly are at the heart of many divorce settlements and disputes. We will help you find a solution that reassures your children about the future of their relationships with both parents.

Child Support , Alimony , and Property Division are difficult issues to work through. Determining the value of assets, future needs, and earning potential of each party is a complex process.

Your rights : Parents, spouses, children, and grandparents all need to be concerned about their rights in the event of divorce.

Property Settlement Agreements

Protect Your Children ▪ Your Property ▪ Your Dignity

It is a mistake to accept a settlement that doesn’t adequately protect your relationship with your children or your economic rights. We can work with you to draft an agreement that protects you, your family, and your future.

Collaborative Divorce or Mediation

We will help find the least antagonistic and most economical solution that protects your rights. We help with simple uncontested divorces by drafting agreements, or reviewing agreements made in mediation or through a collaborative process, for you to carry out your arrangements.

Wills, Trusts, Prenuptial Agreements, and Estate Planning

We will draft agreements to protect your financial future. Often a divorce changes your family structure so that a new will, trust, prenuptial agreement, or estate plan is needed after a separation or divorce.

For a consultation about your legal needs, contact our West End law office and make an appointment to meet with an attorney.

We provide advice and can draft agreements for you. We handle uncontested divorces when the parties have reached an agreement.


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