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Medicaid Planning

Virginia Medicaid Planning Attorney

Helping Individuals Deal With Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is an excellent government resource to help elderly persons pay for medicine and other health care expenses. Unfortunately, it is not easily understood by many people and it can be difficult to understand the benefits, as it is a very complex bureaucratic system, requiring constant attention to changes in procedures and rulemakings. In addition, many are confused over qualifications and the necessary steps to apply.

At Hall & Hall, PLC, our lawyers provide legal services in Medicare and Medicaid planning and long-term care. We help our elder law clients and their families understand and apply for the program. We explain the benefits and qualifications for acceptance. If you would like to meet with a qualified professional about Medicaid planning or protecting your assets for the future, contact our Richmond area law firm to arrange a consultation.

Do I Qualify for Medicaid?

Medicaid is not available for everyone. Having too many assets or owning a home can disqualify an applicant from receiving benefits. Even owning too valuable of a wedding ring may prevent someone from qualifying for Medicaid.

Our lawyers will review your financial assets, including trust funds, bank accounts, home equity and personal property to help you determine whether you can qualify for Medicaid. We may be able to transfer assets to beneficiaries now in order that you qualify for Medicaid later.

Few people can honestly say they are not worried about medical costs as they get older. For those who do worry, our attorneys understand that you need help planning for your financial future and understanding the options available to you. If you are concerned about your or a loved one's ability to pay for nursing home care and other health expenses, contact a Virginia Medicaid planning attorney today at Hall & Hall, PLC.


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