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Prenuptial Agreements

Virginia Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Planning and Protection for the Future

If you are engaged and own a business, have children from a previous marriage, or have a large amount of property and assets, signing a prenuptial agreement (also called premarital agreement) is a wise decision to ensure your assets are protected in the event of a divorce. At Hall & Hall, PLC, we can help you and your future spouse draft an agreement that is suitable for your needs and protects your interests.

A common misperception is that signing a prenuptial agreement suggests you do not trust your future spouse or you do not believe your marriage will last. Ensuring your assets are protected is not planning your divorce. Instead, it is giving you and your spouse clarity over current assets and inheritance. It is a peaceful way to make difficult decisions regarding non-marital finances.

If you are interested in drafting a prenuptial agreement (sometimes called a premarital agreement) with your future spouse, contact our Richmond area law firm to arrange a consultation. Our attorneys will consider all factors, including business ownership, children from a previous marriage, future inheritances and more, to help you make the best decisions.

Protect Your Property ▪ Your Business ▪ Your Children's Inheritance

You may want to reassure your children or your parents that your second marriage will not put their inheritance at risk. You may want to calm the fears of your business partner that a divorce would destroy the business. A prenuptial agreement can resolve these issues, allowing you to enjoy your family without nagging financial concerns.

If you are concerned about your finances and assets should your pending marriage not go as planned, contact a member of our firm today to learn more about how we handle the creation and review of prenuptial agreements.


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