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Probate & Estate Litigation

Virginia Probate and Estate Litigation Attorney

Helping People Find Solutions After the Loss of a Loved One

After the death of a family member or loved one, it can be difficult enough to move forward with your life. Handling issues related to the decedent's estate can complicate your life and cause problems amongst the surviving individuals.

At Hall & Hall, PLC, we understand the emotions that may be tied to the administration and contesting of an estate. Our firm focuses on serving our clients' needs, attempting to minimize the additional stress by taking control of the case for them. For more information or to schedule your initial consultation, contact our offices in Short Pump/Glen Allen today.

  1. Probate

Since probate may be a confusing process, it is often helpful to have the knowledge and guidance of an experienced attorney when dealing with probate issues. Probate is the process through which a will is proved valid or invalid after a death. Also included in probate is the filing of necessary paperwork in the proper county office. A will has no validity unless it goes through the probate process. We walk clients through the probate process step-by-step, helping them understand what to expect and the potential outcomes.

  1. Estate Litigation

Many estates progress through probate and are administered without issue. However, disagreements between the surviving family members, loved ones and beneficiaries may result in estate litigation. Though this process, a will contest or a contest to the estate is handled either through negotiation or in court. The bases of the contesting of the estate lies often with those who feel they have not received their fair share of the estate or feel that someone was included as a beneficiary that should not have been. Though estate documents may be difficult to argue, our firm handles estate litigation professionally and zealously in order to seek the solution that is in your best interests.

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