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In follow up to our post last week, we remind you that it is important to be informed about finances.  You have the ability to get some documents yourself to get a start on the gathering process. If an account is a joint account, the institution in which the account is held should provide you with copies of statements for such joint accounts.  You may have to make the request in writing; you may have to go to a branch and provide identification; but you should be able to get the information.

Tax returns contain significant insight into a marriage’s financial picture.  If they are filed jointly, then you should be able to get a copy of it.  You may need to go to the IRS; you may need to complete paperwork such as Form 4506; and it may take some time, but you should be able to obtain the information.

Knowledge is an important step; it leads to informed decision making; and informed decision making is the backbone of any negotiations and/or litigation. 

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