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        According to statistics, one in every 2.7 couples is touched at some point in their lives by infidelity.  Some marriages survive the affair, while others end as a result of it.  Infidelity may be a direct cause of the break-up or merely a symptom of other problems which indicate the marriage was not working.

Each person will have to determine the significance of the affair to their marriage and decide upon an appropriate course of action.  Determining whether to recommit to the marriage or to end it is an intensely personal decision which each individual must weigh very carefully.  Specific legal concerns that might arise out of such issues are:

*What is the significance of the affair?
*Should I undergo counseling?
*Are therapy records subject to subpoena?
*What impact does the affair have on custody matters?
*What impact does the affair have on financial matters?
*How should I handle questions about the affair?
*Can the other party to the affair be subpoenaed or protected from subpoena?

Each person’s situation is different, and rather than relying strictly on the advice of well-meaning family or friends, the best course of action is to consult a family law attorney.

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