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Joint legal custody is the sharing of decision making on raising a child.  Issues of education, religion, non-emergency medical treatment are part of the decision making processes that may require a consensus between parents.  Joint legal custody does not require shared physical custody.

The ability to communicate and to listen is necessary in a joint legal custody arrangement.  Access to and sharing of information pertaining to the children must occur.

But what happens when a consensus cannot be reached?  Before a determination of wether one parent should be the sole legal custodian, other options may be available.

Co-parenting classes are offered throughout the Richmond and central Virginia area.  Counselors who focus on the unique issues related to co-parenting can offer assistance.  Many books are available as well.  One recommendation from clients and guardians ad litem is “Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce” by M. Gary Neuman.

Even though a husband and wife may no longer be married, once a parent – always a parent.  Learning how to co-parent effectively early in a separation can be the foundation on which your child’s ongoing development is successful.

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