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Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah are only some of the holidays that are considered in custody arrangements.  In our line of work dealing with custody disputes, seeking to help parents reach a mutually acceptable co-parenting agreement, or bringing the matter before a Court where another resolution is not possible, we see a lot of emphasis also put on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and birthdays.    All holidays that a family celebrate are important; and during a separation and divorce,  holidays can take on extra emphasis.  Summer vacation, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Halloween are other times that tend to be put into parenting agreements.  It can be very difficult to think about having to share holidays or to miss having your children on a specific holiday.  Courts do their best if asked to make the decision; but it’s important for parents to try to figure out a way to make these times work for everyone, to consider creating new traditions based on a new parenting schedule.  Parenting counselors can some times assist.  If you are separated or facing separation or divorce, advance planning and discussion with your counselor or attorney can be a good way to avoid added difficulty in dealing with this situation.   

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