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Custody of children is one of the most important matters that must be decided by
parents when they separate or divorce.

Many options are available as the previous traditional concept of family life has
changed dramatically in recent years.  Often Mothers are the primary caretaker
of the children, but now many fathers are playing an expanded role in their
children’s lives and taking on more of the nurturing aspects of child rearing, while
mothers face the demands of working outside of the home.

Understandably, the realities of modern family life have brought changes in
custody and visitation arrangements.  One option is joint legal custody (decision
making) with the primary residence with one parent and visitation to the other.
Another alternative is shared custody, where both parents have legal and physical
custody and the children spend part of the time in each home.  Today, as parents
seek more creative approaches to the demands of post-separation custody, a
wide variety of options are available.  An experienced family law attorney can help
develop options that fit your unique scenario.

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