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One out of every two marriages ends in divorce, which is a very unfortunate statistic of today’s society.  Marriage is an important, and for many people, sacred institution, and divorces should only be a last resort when all else has failed.

Make no mistake, a divorce takes its toll on both parties, even the person seeking it.  There are good ways and bad ways to go about a divorce.  It takes two people communicating and cooperating, despite their differences, and working for a fair settlement to divorce the smart way.

If the parties cannot communicate or cooperate, the parties can be forced into expensive litigation.  Fight vigorously in court if you have to, but never take that route if a better one is open to you.

Here are the Five (5) biggest mistakes couples make in divorcing:
1. Refusing to meet for settlement discussions right from the beginning.
2. Refusing to provide financial information and documentation voluntarily.
3. Seeking a result that punishes the other person or ignores their needs
4. Treating the other person with disrespect.
5. Listening to lawyers who only prolong the fight, rather than selecting or changing to lawyers who will help you protect your own rights, but work toward a realistic resolution at the same time.

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