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For many adult children a main concern is the safety of their parents. For those who have parents living in facilities or receiving care at home, a significant concern is the treatment that their parents are receiving. Elder abuse can include, and is not limited to: physical, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse or neglect. Some of the main warning signs adult children should look for are any unexplained physical injuries, tension between their parent and the caregiver, an apparent significant change in behavior in the parent, or unexplained changes in finances. It is important as an adult child always to look for these signs and to be able to identify them. Many elders do not report abuse because they are afraid of consequences such as retaliation or abandonment. If there is any suspicion of elder abuse it is important to address the problem immediately. The elderly parent should be taken out of the situation as soon as possible, and the abuse should be immediately reported to the director of the facility or employer of the caretaker and the local government. It may also be necessary to seek legal advice on how to proceed

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