When Ongoing Care is a Concern

If you or your parents are concerned about the potential need for long term care, asset protection or accessing government benefits, our firm can help. All sorts of circumstances can trigger a desire to put legal affairs in order: approaching retirement, a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, suffering a serious illness, or moving into a new stage of life. Be sure that you are taking the correct steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. Talk with us before making big changes such as gifting assets or retitling real estate. These steps can have both asset transfer and tax issues that you may not know or understand. Serious illness or declining health may lead you to seek lifecare advice. We can help you with decisions about aging in place or finding assisted living, a memory care facility, or a nursing home — and how to pay for the costs of care.

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We want to help you find the right solution. The starting point is calling our offices at (804) 897-1515. Our friendly staff will set up an initial consultation for a fee of $225. They will provide you with a questionnaire which gives us a view to how we can help, and lets you get the most benefit from your initial consultation. We look forward to serving you.

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