Help With the Complexities of Estates and Trusts

If you have been named as an executor, trustee or agent, we can assist you in working through the duties and responsibilities of administering an estate or trust. Some clients simply want an initial consultation before handling most matters themselves, and we’re happy to provide that. Others want more extensive help with the details of probate or administration of a trust or estate, and we can help you if you’re in that category.

With all of our expertise in family law, we’re also a solid source of support if a relative dies without a will, which many people do. We can work with your family to settle disputes over a will or trust with the ultimate objective of avoiding litigation.

We’re also experts in other complexities that can present themselves in this area. We have helped clients like you with the settlement of estates, changing of trustees, interpretation of a will, modifying a trust, locating or collecting assets, determining liabilities, making necessary filings or reports and transferring assets to the beneficiaries.

Let Us Reduce the Stress, Starting With Your Initial Consultation

We want to make the process easier for you. So call our offices at (804) 897-1515. We’ll meet in our welcoming, comfortable offices, and our friendly staff will set up an initial consultation for a fee of $225. They will provide you with a questionnaire which gives us a view to how we can help, and lets you get the most benefit from your initial consultation. We look forward to serving you.

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