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The holidays are upon and the season of gift giving can  pose challenges, new stresses and anxiety to separated parents.  Getting in a good frame of mind is important before you start making those shopping lists.  Too often parents are worried that the other parent is going to out-do them, one-up them, etc. on buying the best present or giving the present that the kids wanted the most.  Remember, holidays don’t have to be about the tangible gifts.  How will you spend the season with your children so that they have great memories?  How will you give your children more of your own time and attention whether it’s baking cookies, volunteering for a charitable organization, ice skating, going to the movies?  How will you make sure that any tension between you and the other parent is minimal so that the kids can enjoy being with family to share the spirit of the season?  These things could matter more than who gave the most expensive toy.

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