Formalizing Help for an Incapacitated Loved One

Adult Guardianship or Conservatorship can be a huge support and relief when an aging family member becomes incapacitated. Decisions about a loved one’s care and living arrangements are managed by a Guardian, and decisions about financial matters are managed by a Conservator. There are less restrictive options available, so we’ll help you look at what is right for your loved one.

Arrangements like this are often prompted when an incapacitated loved one has missed the opportunity to plan ahead and execute an adequate durable power of attorney, and no one has been authorized to act on his or her behalf. Sometimes, the power of attorney isn’t broad enough to perform the necessary acts. Sometimes there is a concern about vulnerability to scams against seniors or financial abuse of a senior.

Adult Guardianships are not only for seniors. They can be important when a younger person becomes disabled or a special needs child becomes a legal adult. Often, people don’t realize how the impact of turning 18 can change the resources available.

We’ll work closely with you to gauge your needs, because Guardianship should only be used when there is no other alternative. It involves going to court and can be time-consuming and expensive. By engaging in a thorough consultation with you, we can determine the best course to take for you and your loved one.

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