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By Gwen M. Massie, Esquire — Hall and Hall, PLC

When you are going through a divorce or in a custody battle, it is understandable that you find yourself operating in “crisis mode.” Your mind is probably going in a million different directions, you think of questions in the middle of the night, and analyze every situation.  We do our best to answer your questions and advise you during this time.  In preparing for a meeting with your attorney, here are a list of pointers to help the meeting go smoothly and help get all your questions answered:

    1) Set up a meeting a few days or a week away so that you have time to prepare your questions and don’t forget anything; be sure to write them down.

    2) Talk to friends and family members and see if they have any questions or can help you come up with a list of things to discuss with your attorney

    3) Read through any materials your attorney has already provided to make sure that doesn’t spark additional questions

    4) Bring your list of written questions and a notebook to write down the attorney’s answers so you can refer to it later

    5) Let the attorney know if you process information a certain way; for example, you are a visual learner and need to look at what you are discussing with your attorney in order to understand it.  This will help the attorney prepare for the meeting.

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