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Divorce is a highly emotional topic for many people.  People may reach the decision to divorce mutually based on calm discussions while other people may be facing a divorce based on the decision or action of one spouse.   Court some times is necessary, but it is not always.  Other types of resolution methods can be used to try to reach agreements regarding custody, support, division of property.  Mediation is one alternative method:  mediators may be attorneys, retired judges, or other individuals who are trained in how to be a mediator.  A mediator is a neutral, third party who does not take sides and does not represent one party.  Collaborative law is another form of dispute resolution where each party is represented by an attorney who is trained in this approach.  Negotiations can be another way to resolve matters without litigation.  Talk to an attorney about your objectives, ask questions about different ways to try to reach resolution on the issues that confront your family. 

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