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Separation and divorce are difficult.   There are the emotions that go with the process that track the stages of loss and grieving.  If there are children, individuals have to determine how they are going to share time and parenting.  If there are assets like a house, financial accounts, or retirement, parties have to decide how those are going to be divided.  If there is debt, people have to determine how that will be paid.  Whew… that’s a lot.   And then, people have to decide who gets what in the house:  the dining room suite; the bedroom furniture; the china, crystal and silver; the tools; the things in the attic; the pots and pans, etc.  We see so often that the division of personal property becomes the last battleground, the last place to play out the emotions of the divorce.  Some personal property has sentimental value; some personal property has monetary value; some personal property has minimal value.  People going through the process need to be careful in evaluating what to fight for — is the value of the personal property item worth the cost in attorney fees?  Can it be replaced or is it one of kind?  Is the cost to replace the item less than the cost in attorney fees?  Do you have a need for the item after separation?  Do you have room for the item after separation?  Or does the fight over the item represent a show of control or something else? Value to the individual owner does not necessarily equate to value as determined by a Court.  Understanding all aspects of the division of tangible personal property to make good decisions is important.

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