Protecting Property and Financial Rights Before Marriage

Pre-Nuptial Agreements are becoming much more common, and now extend well beyond the rich and famous. If you’re planning to be married, a long-term document like this will be important protection for your property and financial rights.

You’ll especially want to consider an Agreement if you or your fiancé are in these common circumstances …

  • Own a home or a business
  • Have significant assets such as money, stocks and bonds or retirement accounts
  • Expect a large inheritance, or are significantly more wealthy than the partner
  • Have significant debts
  • Have children by a prior marriage

We can meet with you to determine if an Agreement is right for you. You’ll want to keep in mind that we can only represent one of you, both of you must make full disclosure, and you’ll want to give your fiancé time to review and consult with an attorney.

For some people, a Pre-nuptial Agreement raises questions of trust. But we encourage you to consider this move a reasonable way to ensure common understanding on your wishes, and avoiding potentials costs and issues in the future. We’d be happy to explain the process and get you started.

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