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In today’s society, moving can occur for any number of reasons:  employment changes, remarriages, elderly parents in need of care.  When relocation involves children many factors are considered in determining whether the children should move with the relocating parent.  The distance of the new location from where the other parent lives is a large factor as it impacts how each parent will be able to continue a relationship with the child.   Schools, neighborhoods, opportunities for activities, proximity to other extended family are other factors.  Importantly, how the move is best for the children is the focus.

Under the Code of Virginia, either parent who intends to relocate has to give a minimum of 30 days written notification to the other parent.  This notification allows a proactive approach on how the other parent would see the children.  A relocating parent needs to have a plan on how and when the other parent would see the children.  A parent who faces the possible relocation of his/her children needs to quickly learn the options in and out of court to address this change of circumstance.

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