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Whether the search for housing is due to a serious medical condition or the desire for a lifestyle change, finding the right place to live can be both stressful and challenging for the senior and their family. There are many options to consider when looking at housing facilities for mom and dad. Four options that you may want to consider are Senior Apartments, Assisted Living, Group Homes, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

Senior Apartments are subsidized apartments for low-income elders who are still independent. They are completely specialized to take care of the needs of the elderly. Because they cater to low-income elders, they are usually run by a charitable organization or the government.

Another option is an assisted living facility. An assisted living facility provides a small amount of supervision, but residents still have a great deal of independence. The facility provides help and support when needed throughout the day, including minor help with medications. Most facilities like this provide a wide array of services as well as daily activities to keep the residents active. Assisted living may be a good choice if the senior needs more personal care services than what could feasibly be provided at home and the senior doesn’t need continuous medical care and supervision.

Group Homes are home facilities where an elder has a roommate that he or she lives with. The facility usually provides housekeeping, but does not necessarily provide any type of health care. The group home is ideal for companionship and splits expenses between the two that live together.

Finally, there are Continuing Care Retirement Communities to consider. Continuing Care Retirement Communities are complexes that provide all types of care and housing. The facilities typically include independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care in one location, so the senior can stay in the same facility as their needs change over time. This is ideal for many elders who want to continue their independence, have a large group of people to interact with, and to have an array of activities to participate in. This type of community is also ideal for those who have a spouse who requires a higher level of care or who would like to live and age in one specific facility until they pass away.

We encourage you to contact the Virginia Department for the Aging or any other contact that may be able to help you decide what facility would be best for your elderly parent.

Written by Heather W. Winter, Esquire

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