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When parties are having marital difficulties, sometimes one party abruptly serves the other party with legal papers. You come home and find papers taped to your door or an individual hands you papers which normally include a document called a ASummons@. If you are served with legal papers it is imperative that you immediately make an appointment for an initial consultation with a family law attorney.  Take with you to that consultation a copy of all papers served on you. It would also be good to have any correspondence from your spouse or your spouse=s attorney and all documents that you have that relate directly to the papers served on you.
Under no circumstances should you just ignore the papers and hope they will go away. YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO SEE AN ATTORNEY.  You have legal rights that need protecting and you need to take prompt action with the help of an experienced family law attorney.  Whether you are at fault, your spouse is at fault, you are both at fault, or you have simply grown apart, you still have a right to be treated fairly and you need to know and understand your rights and the processes that are available.  Never give up the goal of settlement, but don=t let yourself be placed in a vulnerable position by failing to have an attorney who will look after your interests in the litigation and settlement efforts. 
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