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Remember those various lessons from elementary school?  The who, what, when, wheres, and hows of grammar?  These lessons from years ago are important to keep in mind when you are considering the terms of a possible separation agreement.  Dividing assets?  WHO is supposed to do WHAT?  WHEN is he/she supposed to do WHAT?  HOW is he/she supposed to do WHAT?  These elements should be clearly stated in agreements so that everyone knows the terms, the expectations, and the deadlines.  The courts need to know the specifics and the deadlines, if it ever comes to having to pursue remedies because someone did not do something when it was supposed to be done.  

As we have said in the past, having an attorney review a proposed agreement, even if you are trying to do it yourself, can help identify these kinds of issues.  Attorneys look at agreements with their experience, their knowledge, and fresh eyes.

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