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What you need is a QDRO?  A what?  A QDRO…. A qualified domestic relations order is that document that you need to tell the person who administers a retirement plan what to do with the benefits in that plan.  It can tell what percentage of benefits each spouse receives; it can tell a specific amount that each person receives;  it can tell whether investment experience should be applied (for certain plans); it can tell whether cost of living adjustments should be applied (for other types of plans); it can outline how survivor options must be exercised.  Without this document, the plan administrator does not know what to do and will not do anything without it.   The QDRO (pronounced –“qua-dro”) must be signed by the Court and a certified copy must be sent to the plan.  Experienced family law attorneys can help prepare these important documents and work with the plan administrators to make sure that the division is accurately done.
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